Catatan Perjalanan Menuju Lindu (en)

Written by: Ulfa Alfiani (Sanitation Engineer Officer)

On May 16 – 19 2019, IBU Foundation visited to five villages in Lindu Sub-District, Sigi District, Central Sulawesi in order to collect data and observe clean water and sanitation facilities. The five villages we visited were Puro’o, Langko, Anca, Tomado, and Olu. These villages are targeted by the WASH Program.

It was first time visit for mostly member and it gave a significant impression to us. We faced with a challenging terrain because we have to pass a road covered in material from post floods and landslides. This situation made the team use equipment to clear the road so that we could pass. However, that did not undermine our intention to continue the trip.

Limited access to Lindu and post-earthquake impacted to electricity supply in the villages. There still villages that have not yet receive and some of them are broken. Nonetheless, the villages we visited presented a beautiful natural atmosphere and cozy scenery around Lake Lindu.

All four days activities in Lindu ran smoothly. During the visit, it was seen that community had started their daily activities and began to rebuild damaged houses and latrines. In some of the villages there were still emergency shelters. The community and several stakeholders that we met welcomed WASH Program in the five villages.

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