Fishermen From Lombonga Village

“We say thank you very much to IBU Foundation,” said Mr. Muhammad Said, a fisherman from the village of Lombonga, a man that was born in 1965.

Earthquake and tsunami that happened in Central Sulawesi on September 2018 were the dark days for Palu, Sigi, and Donggala, especially in Lombonga Village, Balesang Sub-district, Donggala District.

Death, who knows?

Regarding the story of Mohammad Said, who was declared as a missing person during the big disaster that was happening at that time. Said was 54 years old man who was revealed about his sense of loss and trauma that he felt when the earthquake and tsunami happened. Said not only lose his home, but also his livelihood as a fisherman. It is one of his suffering moments that he should bear after the earthquake and tsunami that happened in 2018.

39 years ago, when he was 15 years old, Said had begun his life as a fisherman. The story of the stems not only because he lived in the coastal beach, but his father’s background as a fisherman has inspired him to do the same job.

Worked as a fisherman, does not provide a large income, but Said and the fishermen in Lombonga can support their families from the sailing that they get. The income that they get daily are not able to be determined, there are times when they only get 50 to 400 thousand rupiahs from sailing. Sometimes they get a fish for their dinner.

The income that is uncertain causes he and the other fishermen have to do extra work in order to support their family. Besides going to the sea, Said also does farming by planting crops, yet he still has to wait for harvest seasons such as clove and nutmeg, which takes so much time. So farming also not very support Said’s income.

But he felt very thankful from the presence of IBU Foundation team, which has helped the fishermen include him, by boat distribution for the fishermen who lose their livelihood.

Through the Livelihood Recovery Program and one of the activities is livelihood assistance to recovered and improve their household income and received training on the fishery, helped the fisheries went back to their daily livelihood to fulfills their family income and daily needs.

Muhammad Said and other fishermen from Lombonga Village can now get their livelihood back and hope that IBU Foundation can continue to encourage them by implement discussions and meetings to exchange ideas and information. Not only that but they also really hope to be able to participate in decision making in the form of community meetings for the next IBU Foundation activities.

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