Human Interest Story: The Fisherman of Loli Tasiburi Village, Central Sulawesi

Nanang (40) is a survivor of the earthquake and tsunami that happened in Central Sulawesi on 28 September 2018. He is a resident of Loli Tasiburi village, Banawa sub-district, Donggala regency. A father of four was driving a car filled by cement from Tonasa towards Loli Tasiburi area when the earthquake and tsunami happened. When he saw the sea water rising up to about 8 meters, Nanang jumped out of the car and tried to run. Nanang then was found under a pile of wood and a car after being dragged by the tsunami of about 300 meters. When being dragged by the water, Nanang tried to survive by trying to hold his breath as long as possible until the water receded.

When IBU team came, he still had difficulty walking and still used a crutch. Nanang experienced many serious injuries all over his body which makes it difficult for him to walk and move. The man who works as a fisherman was hospitalized for almost two weeks before being taken to the local health clinic in Toli-toli area.

Nanang is no longer doing routine checks at the hospital and only utilizing the mobile clinic services that come to the IDP camps at Loli Tasiburi village. Nanang is now back in his house even though the house is fractured due to the earthquake. Nanang claimed that he is still afraid to stay in his house because of the aftershocks. However, the economic limitations forced him to live there. Nanang has not been able to work and do his daily activities because of the injuries he suffered, and also because his fishing boat was destroyed during the earthquake and tsunami. Until now, Nanang and other local fishermen are still hoping for any kind of help, especially medical assistance and work tools for the fishermen because all fishing activities are completely stopped.

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